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We seek to provide a homely atmosphere for the children when they return from school. Activities and games are age appropriate and reflect the children's interest and wishes. Care is taken to ensure that each age group has adequate free time to pursue and explore their interests. The presence of sofas and cushions enables the children to relax after the busyness of their day in school.


AGE: 5 - 10 years

This is a haven where children can socialise with friends afterschool. Our activities here are all child lead and include arts and crafts, computer access, indoor and outdoor games (role play and lego are the current favourites!) Our large outdoor playground ensures that they can enjoy its health benefits as well as the social aspect.


We offer a lot of flexibility to suit your family needs, such as annual or term time attendance. We collect the children from local schools in our minibus, and provide a cooked lunch and afternoon snack each day. Homework is supervised and guidance is given where necessary. Staff liaise with the parents, child and school to ensure that your child's needs are being met.


During holidays and midterm activities are planned to include local amenities like tennis, swimming, parks and outings.


Give us a call:

01 496-2198

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