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  • Full day

  • Afterschool Club

  • Morning pre-school




  1. Fees are paid on the basis of 52 weeks for full day care or a 38 week period for the academic year and are payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  2. There is no allowance for absenteeism through illness or holidays.

  3. Children who contract any contagious illness must not attend the nursery and a Doctors' Certificate of Fitness must be obtained before the child returns to the nursery.

  4. Children who commence on antibiotic must not attend nursery for the 1st 24 hours of treatment.

  5. Nursery Staff must be informed if persons other then parents have permission to collect your child. Otherwise your child will not be released.

  6. Cooked lunch, Morning and afternoon snack are provided - daily menu displayed.

  7. Full day service is provided for school children during holidays and mid-term breaks. Regretably inservice and election days cannot be accommodated.

  8. A booking deposit is required to secure a place.

  9. The Nursery closes at 6pm sharp and children must be collected before then. Once a month to facilitate staff meetings the nursery will close at 5.30pm


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