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AGE: 3 months - 15 months

With improvements in maternity leave babies are often 6 to 9 months old now by the time they come to crèche. We accommodate 6 babies, and this bright colourful room is laid out to encourage exploration. A separate, glazed sleep room adjacent to the play area ensures that the babies are easily monitored while sleeping.



Babies love listening to a variety of music and a lot of our activities here are music based. Our 1:3 staff ratio ensures that the babies receive lots of cuddles and quiet time and of course play through songs, rhymes and messy play.


Toiletry Requirements for your baby


  • Bottle Feeds (made up)

  • Disposable nappies

  • Creams/powder and wipes

  • Spare clothes


Give us a call:

01 496-2198

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