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We promote an edu-care environment where the children's care and educational needs continue to be met through our care worker system. The room facilitates both group and individual activities through its structured and free play layout.


AGE: 3 - 5 years

In our preschool room children attend on either a full time basis or part-time as per the academic calendar. Parents of children eligible for the free preschool year will have been notified by the HSE, but we’ll also be aware of it and guide you through the compulsory paper work.



Children will either spend 1 or 2 years with us in Preschool. It is a large well equipped room and the children’s care and educational needs are met under the guidance of trained pre-school teachers. Activities are play based a lot of the time and are focused on both group and individual learning for your child. Children are encouraged to take the lead in deciding what they would like to do. The teachers then help to develop the learning activity through arts, crafts and games.


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01 496-2198

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