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AGE: 2 - 3 years

Here in the toddler room the children follow a structured programme, many of which are table top activities. There is ample facility for free and imaginative play. The emphasis in this room is on developing the child’s social skills.


All of our play activities here teach your child, to be confident and happy, to have a positive feeling of being loved, to share and interact with others and have some sense of understanding their little world.


There is a lot happening for your child at this age, and one of big issues is the toilet training. It is for that reason we don’t start toilet training the children until they’ve turned 2 1/2 years. Staff work with parents to help and advise at this important stage of your child’s development.



  • Disposable Nappies

  • Spare Clothes

  • Baby Wipes and Powder/Cream


Give us a call:

01 496-2198

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